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Jochen Wegner

Jochen Wegner is Editor-in-Chief of ZEIT ONLINE, Germany’s highest quality online news site. The ZEIT ONLINE newsroom with its 60 editors is based in Berlin.

Prior to his position with ZEIT ONLINE, Jochen spent five years as Editor-in-Chief at, which he developed into one of the largest and fastest growing digital news outlets in Germany. As Managing Director of TOMORROW FOCUS Media, he was responsible for innovative media projects including the news aggregator He is the founder of mag10, an ecosystem for the creation, distribution and marketing of tablet media. Jochen also worked as a strategic consultant for leading publishing houses.

Jochen started off his journalism career as science and technology editor at Focus News Magazine. He graduated from the Cologne School of Journalism, went on to study Physics and Philosophy and wrote his master’s thesis about the chaos theory of the human brain. Jochen is author of several books. In 1994 he founded jonet, the largest German-speaking journalism community.

Hypermotion 2018 - Program Room 1-2 GER ZEIT Konferenz
10:10 — 10:40 AM
November 22 '18
Subject to changes without notice

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