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Raum 4 Logistics Digital Conference!
11:45 AM — 1:15 PM
November 22 '18

Logistics Digital Conference! The future of freight transport: climate objectives and cost pressures are a challenge for the sector


Not only city-based logistics but also long-distance freight transport will need to adapt to economic and ecological changes.

The EU, Germany included, has set itself ambitious climate objectives. Implementation of these objectives would require changes to freight traffic and to the transport sector as a whole. This is one of the reasons why almost every manufacturer is already looking at an electric version of their city-logistics delivery vehicle at least in prototype form. In many parts of Germany tests have already been ongoing for some time looking at alternative last mile delivery options.

Yet, how can long distance transport companies become more efficient in terms of CO2 emissions and cost? What role will intermodal traffic play and will the integration of road haulage traffic with railways and inland waterways increase? Can transhipment traffic improve the situation for drivers? Will diesel remain the non plus ultra for long distance freight transport or do battery-powered electric vehicles have a serious chance? Is the fuel cell next or is the catenary truck a realistic solution? Or will there be a mix of everything? The editorial team from the TRANSPORT newspaper will look at these questions with the help of a distinguished panel of technical experts.

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