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Room 4 Logistics Digital Conference!
9:30 — 11:00 AM
November 22 '18

Logistics Digital Conference! Machine learning, intelligent supply chains. Opportunities, risks and examples of how artificial intelligence can be applied in the supply chain


The market for products and applications using artificial intelligence (AI) is growing worldwide.

On average by around 25 percent each year. Almost all of us know AI from our smartphone and its real time traffic reports, for example. However, this 'ghost in the machine' is now also found in the world of production and logistics. Motor vehicle manufacturers employ thousands of self-learning robots in their assembly plants. Hermes, as a logistics service provider, has tested how autonomous transport robots can be used to deliver packages in Hamburg, while in the intralogistics sector manufacturers are working hard to address the issue of predictive maintenance. AI in predictive maintenance is used to prevent machine and system failure by anticipating the causes of these failures, before they can occur.

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