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Room 4 Fraunhofer Mobility Infusion
12:00 — 1:30 PM
November 21 '18

Fraunhofer Mobility Infusion: It's all about data - On the way to a Mobility Data Space


The Mobility Data Space offers data providers sovereignty over their traffic and mobility data as well as security along the processing and value chain. This makes it possible to utilize sensitive mobility data for the first time. In this session, experts discuss the role and potential applications of data for mobility services. New technological approaches are shown and challenges for applicants and providers are discussed.

An increasing number of mobility scenarios and data-driven business models use traffic and mobility data for intelligent planning and coordination in order to shorten travel and transport times, make better use of transport resources, reduce costs and protect the environment. The Mobility Data Space offers data providers a simple and secure way to make traffic and mobility data available for exploitation by third parties with special attention to data security, whereby the sovereignty of the data provider remains along the processing chain. In this way, sensitive data such as FCD, network movement data and timetable data can be utilized for the first time. In addition, the Mobility Data Space helps service providers and application developers to securely and easily use cross-provider data sources. It is characterized by an open, decentralized system architecture and provides a trustworthy technology for secure and sovereign data exchange. The Mobility Data Space App Store can be used to provide new data services, which in turn create new data sources and expand the emerging mobility data ecosystem.

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