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Room 4 Forum Public Mobility
2:30 — 4:30 PM
November 20 '18

Forum Public Mobility: Apps and beyond


MaaS, Seamless Travelling, Seamless Payment. How far have we come with Smart Mobility? What are the barriers? What do we aim for?

Public transport (bus, train, bike, taxi, sharing) is under enormous pressure to respond and act. Companies and associations are increasingly being forced to leave their comfort zone and become significantly more innovative than they used to be. On the one hand, established public transport providers are threatened by IT companies that are offering not just new sales and marketing techniques but also mobility service concepts as well. Self-driving passenger cars are an additional possible threat. Even if no one really knows whether autonomous vehicles will come, when they will come and in what form -- only the possibility of market success creates additional pressure to innovate.
The boundaries between public and private transport are becoming increasingly blurred. Ultimately, it no longer matters which means of transport are used -- the only decisive factor is that the services can be found on the same platform and are optimally connected. If authorities and public transport companies develop and cleverly exploit their potential for innovation, they can significantly increase the attractiveness of their transport services with e-ticketing, modern information services or multimodal mobility platforms.
In Session 2, we discuss how current services can be further developed and how the "Smart Mobility" vision could be achieved eventually. Which obstacles have to be overcome? What needs should public transport meet in order to gain new customers? Is competition between different mobility providers advantageous or risky? And for whom? We will also discuss to what extent existing services such as Fairtiq (Switzerland) are suitable for adoption in the German market.

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