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Room 4 Forum Public Mobility
11:00 AM — 1:00 PM
November 20 '18

Forum Public Mobility: Mind the Gap, App!


When virtual reality doesn't match actual reality How we can close the gaps to improve public transport.

Digitization should improve public transport services and therefore enable more people to use public transport services than before. Digitized distribution and information services and multimodal mobility platforms allow simple and reliable planning, booking and payment of trips via smartphone or the web interfaces.
If you believe the advertising of public transport companies, digitization has long since become part of day-to-day mobility and is already making life easier for passengers. At first glance, it’s true: every company has their own app. DB Navigator for example provides a comprehensive digital service package for rail passengers, many trains are equipped with WIFI or infotainment hubs -- and at the stations multifunctional displays and signs offer guidance. There is just one problem with the fancy, brand-new digital public transport world: There may be apps and services on offer, but they often function poorly. WIFI is too slow for even e-mails to be sent, information displays indicate the wrong platform information -- and the train, which according to DB Navigator is fully booked, arrives half empty. Digital information services remain currently useless during unexpected events like storms or bomb disposals -- with passengers ending up not only on the wrong platform, but in the wrong train station entirely.
All in all, there is a sobering provisional conclusion: the public transport providers are far from attractive and reliable solutions. In Session 1 we which basic services must function well in any case so that travelers perceive public transport services as attractive and modern -- and ultimately use it. In particular, we want to discuss how the conditions that have to be met to drive digitization in public transport.

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