Andy Taylor

Andy Taylor is a global transportation expert with diverse experience ranging from air traffic control to multi-modalism over the last 25 years.  Over the last five years at Cubic, Andy has overseen global strategy, focusing on strategic partnerships with some of the world’s leading technology and software companies. In that role, he has spearheaded the Mobility-as-a-Service solution to help cities and transit agencies evaluate the potential benefits of integrated multi-modal transport options. Andy is currently educating user communities and transit agencies on the true benefits and impacts of Mobility-as-a-Service and the importance of sharing pertinent data, improving operational performance and consolidating accounting solutions. Andy is also a member of the Board of Directors for the global MaaS Alliance, and was nominated by the Alliance as one of three MaaS Ambassadors for 2018 for his global efforts on promoting MaaS.

Raum 1 Hypermotion 2018 - Programm ENG ITS Congress
09:30 — 11:40
21 Nov' 18

ITS Congress: Mobility as a Service

Mit der zunehmenden Digitalisierung unserer Gesellschaft werden die Grenzen, die früher durch die Verfügbarkeit von Informationen gegeben waren, verschwinden. In Zukunft werden Mobilitätsdienste entlang einer Wege- oder Transportkette nachgefragt und der Endnutzer dieser Dienste steht im Mittelpunkt. Intelligente Verkehrssysteme und Dienste (IVS) ermöglichen und gestalten diesen Wandel, der durch die politisch korrekten Rahmenbedingungen in unserem Land und in Europa beschleunigt wird.