Ariane Group

Andre Füser

2011 - 2017 Airbus Defence and Space  
Program Manager ISS Sustainability and Enhancements

Deputy Head of ISS Flight Infrastructure Engineering

Team Leader Avionics Engineering

Project Manager and System Engineer R&T projects

Highly Available Computers for Onboard Systems

Reliable High Speed Data Network

Future Launcher Preparation Program: Time-Triggered-Ethernet

Core Avionics Architectures for Ariane Upper Stage and Future Launchers  

2010-2011 Airbus Commercial Aircraft
Electrical Engineer/Flight Physics
Data acquisition and telemetry systems
Data-acquisition and -processing software

System integration and test

2008-2009 AG (Start-up, Bremen)

Electrical Engineer/Project Manager

Data acquisition systems
Automation- and data acquisition software


Hypermotion-Lab Hypermotion 2018 - Programm ENG
16:15 — 17:15
20. November '18

Talkrunde New Space

16:15 - 16:45 Uhr: Space Applications powering Mobility, Transport and Logistics16:45 - 17:15 Uhr: Space Travel, Transportation and Commercial Moon Exploration