Sport Sleep Coach

Nick Littlehales

Nick Littlehales is an International elite sports sleeping recovery coach, and regarded as a leading industry expert with over 30 years’ experience in the world of sleep, sleeping habits and sleeping product design. Recognised as the world’s first ever sports sleep coach with over 17 years dedicated to elite sport, recommended and endorsed by leading elite athletes & organisations in world sport since 1998.

Founder of the unique R90 Sleep Recovery Technique [Recovery in 90 Minute Cycles] recognised as a ground breaking and fundamental approach for the twenty-four seven era. His unique, passionate and proven approach, is endorsed by leading sport science professionals, managers, coaches and organisation’s in sport, business, health and education.

As a former aspiring professional golfer, International Sales & Marketing Director of the global Slumberland Group and Chairman of the UK Sleep Council, Nick has conducted many practical and clinical research projects into the varied sleeping habits adopted by the modern-day sleeper and athlete.

Nick Littlehales expereinced media commentator and presenter on television, radio and in the world press on and offline. A leading key note speaker with a unique and passionate approach recognised by some of the leading media professionals, channels and titles.

“Why waste valuable time trying to sleep, sleep smarter not harder”

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Redefining Sleep in World Sports

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