Claire Mueller


Claire is an Australian creative consultant with a backgroundin fashion,advertising and digital media.She helpsbrandsrefineand develop their stories to communicate effectively in a rapidly changing market.Her vision for sustainable transformation within the worlds’second most polluting industry brought her across the globe to work with Ananas Anam, who developed the innovative natural textile Piñatex® from pineapple leaf fibre. Made from the byproduct of existing agriculture, Piñatex® takes a new approach to sustainability thatencapsulates ecological, social and economic responsibility within a circular economy model and represents the enormous potential for positive disruption within an unsustainable system.

Halle 6 Ebene 0, A 01 Heimtextil 2018: Themen & Events ENG Heimtextil Trends 2018/2019
11:00 — 11:45
10. Januar '18