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10:00 — 10:05
10. Januar '18

European Digital Textile Conference by WTiN


Konferenz auf Englisch

The home textiles sector was a late-comer to industrial-scale digital printing, but a surge of investments over the past five years has transformed the market dynamics and triggered a new wave of innovation. Ink and machinery companies are racing to replicate the striking success of the technique in fashion and have concentrated their efforts in areas of key home-textile interest, such as super-wide machinery, pigment formulations and, most-recently, high-fastness vat-dye inks.

At the same time, easy-to-access B2C channels are providing new enterprise opportunities for independent fabric designers, and synergies with related markets such as wallpaper printing are generating exciting possibilities in customised interiors.

With this focus on ‘Digital print for homes and interiors’, we are organising the WTiN European Digital Textile Conference on 10th January 2018 in Frankfurt. The conference will explore perspective of technology providers, printers, designers and buyers.

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