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All of the presentations will be simultaneously translated into English and/or German | Alle Vorträge werden simultan ins Englische bzw. Deutsche übersetzt.

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Tuesday, 10/23/2018

12:00 — 12:30 PM
October 23 '18

Modern design in the cleanroom

Personnel often find that their activity within cleanrooms is both stressful and constrained. One way of showing employees that their work is valued is by changing the visual setting of these production facilities, which are often extremely monotonous. It is already possible to design new structures and existing cleanrooms in a way that will increase employee motivation.

4:00 — 4:30 PM
October 23 '18

Training cleanroom personnel (discussion in English)

Working in cleanrooms is difficult. It is both mentally and physically challenging, and it is sometimes stressful for employees. It is becoming increasingly difficult to attract suitable personnel for working in cleanrooms. Prospective employees often lack proper training, meaning that companies themselves must invest in their training.

Wednesday, 10/24/2018

11:00 — 11:30 AM
October 24 '18
Cleanroom Future: 5.1 D 10

Future business models in the cleanroom industry

What does the future hold? What can be done to ensure that we will continue to be able to take full advantage of the value added by cleanroom business models in future? When will Industry 5.0 arrive, and are we all fit for the challenge when it does? What is the impact of AI on business in the digital world? Can everything stay the way it is? Are slight modifications sufficient? Or do we need to completely change the way we think?

2:45 — 3:15 PM
October 24 '18
Cleanroom Future: 5.1 D 10

Requirements for optimum cleanroom cleaning (discussion in English)

What do you see as the biggest challenges today facing users who are looking to make the right decisions in finding their own cleaning concept? Is it possible for conventional providers of building services to satisfy requirements? Should one deal solely with specialists? Or is it perhaps best to use one’s own personnel? What things need to be accounted for? What can be done to improve monitoring of the cleaning process in future?

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