thursday, 06.04.2017, 10:30 am - 11:30 am
 Forum Level 0, Raum Applaus

Sound technology: Miking 101

One of the pillars of every music project, be it for recording or sound reinforcement (SR) is the planning and realisation of the recording setup–setting aside the intensive preparation of the selected repertoire by the ensemble and the careful selection of the performance space. Any microphone always captures the direct as well as the reflected sound that the musicians produce. The aim of the sound recordist or SR specialist is the adequate rendition of the acoustic event, taking into account the sonic vision of artists and producers.    

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  • Speaker: Verband Deutscher Tonmeister

    Andrew Levine is head of the department “music and word production” of the German Tonmeister association. From 1995 on he has been involved with multimedia development and training. In 1998 he received an M.A. in computational linguistics and cognitive psychology. From 2003 on his focus has been the audiovisual capture of live concerts of acoustic music. In 2014 Andrew was awarded the "Goldener Bobby" of the VDT in the category "classical – instrumental music