Nelly Ben Hayoun

· An innovator acclaimed for making a ‘Significant Impact on the World and Shaping the Future.’
·Turning the impossible into possible, realising radical ideas and creating a difference.
· Persuaded NASA to cocreate with her the world’s first space orchestra, and the music was physically blasted into space in 2013.
· Educates business people and entrepreneurs who are trying to initiate change and constantly coming up against resistance.  

Nelly Ben Hayoun is an awardwinning director and designer of experiences. Put simply Ben Hayoun is able to use her creative design skills to challenge conventional thinking and come up with fresh ideas previously probably never even conceived. Ben Hayoun born in France studied at London’s acclaimed Royal College of Art. Now her creative will has taken her to be the Designer of Experiences at the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute, Head of Experiences at We Transfer, and a member of the Space Outreach and Education committee at the International Astronautical Federation. In 2014 Icon Magazine nominated NBH Studio as the ICON Design Studio Award of the Year and Wired magazine awards Nelly Ben Hayoun with a Wired Innovation fellowship for her work to date and its ‘Significant Impact On The World.’