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Halle 4 Ebene 1, A02 Lectures by WTIN - World Textile Information Network
10:05 — 10:35
17. Mai '19

Das weltweit erste digitale Garnfärbegerät für die Textilindustrie

One thread. Unlimited Colors Coloreel is a new disruptive and well patented Swedish technology that will revolutionize the textile industry by enabling a more sustainable instant thread coloring on demand. Using only one single thread reel, instead of several representing each colour, it empowers design creativity through the complete freedom in the use of colors and colour effects. As well increases productivity and improve logistics.

The first product based on this revolutionary technology is a groundbreaking unit for industrial embroidery machines. It is a standalone unit that works with any industrial embroidery machine brand.

Coloreel is a game-changer technology which demand game changing tools, for this reason we create The Coloreel Studio, a modern digitization software that allows a totally new way of design and colorize embroideries.

Coloreel was selected among several projects in Europe to get 2.1 MEUR founding from the European Union, it won the Texprocess Product Innovation Award 2017 and brought its Coloreel embroideries into the Nobel Peace Prize stage by embroidering the clothes of the person representing the winning company.

Today we are proud to announce, as well, that the Coloreel is the winner of the largest innovation award in Sweden placing us as the most innovative company/technology in Sweden 2018.

We are building a strong company and are forming lasting relationships with international companies like the global contract manufacturer Scanfil, who will produce the Coloreel unit, global printing technology company Ricoh, dedicated to develop our print module and Sensient responsible to produce the unique Coloreel ink. 

We have signed 6 distribution agreements covering 20 countries in Europe, the expansion is in progress across the globe and the first customer shipment will take place in Q1 2019.

The market response is very strong and the company has now even more business inquiries from well-known companies ranging from sports and lifestyle segments to exclusive fashion and haute couture. This is strong proof that Coloreel is capable to accomplish something beyond the ordinary.

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