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Hall 11 Level 0, Foyer Sleep! The Future Forum
2:30 — 3:00 PM
January 9 '19

Enhancing performance through sleep comfort

Lecture in german

According to the Schlaf gut, Deutschland study conducted by Techniker Krankenkasse in 2017, approximately 33 percent of Germans have difficulty falling asleep or sleep badly. High-performance in sports and creativity at work are dependent on the full regeneration of our body. Therefore, an optimised sleep environment is the key to restful sleep because a good night’s sleep also depends on a good bed and good bed products. Hohenstein, research partner and provider of test services, has researched the sleep comfort of mattresses, pillows and covers for more than 60 years. With our interdisciplinary research and the involvement of our clothing-physiological measurement methods such as our thermic mannequins we can help support you effectively in developing or optimising your products. Specifications that are both science-based and field-tested enable us to make clear indications regarding climate and moisture management so your products can contribute to restful and regenerative sleep and are placed optimally in retail stores.

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